Written by Rex on 07/05/2014 11:12:33

Islandworks is a young innovative game development company in Arnhem in the Netherlands. We aim to share knowledge in an innovative way, such as serious games and gamification. It started from our passion to gather information and new insights by the power of play.

Our energy and strength comes from the creation of new innovative solutions to make theory and presentations more fun to work with through the use of new media. Think of an interactive class or use an individual educative game. Your students or participants will be inspired and go on an exploring adventure.

Because everyone should have the possibility to use educative presentations or games, we created the following services for you. These are easy and quick in use to create a complete game to  your wish that you can share with pupils, participants, the company or friends.

Instructiegames.nl – we will build a mini serious game in just 5 days.
InCourse – create your own educative presentation or game.
The GameCreator – create your own business or fun games.