Written by Rex on 06/09/2013 12:05:12

Welcome to Skyworld, an endless void whose inhabitants occupy floating islands. The wheels of industry have yet to reach most islands, but on one island the process has started. Some of the inhabitants of this island operate a train service which helps the people to get around. Business is booming and the demand for public transports increases rapidly. This extra demands forces the operators to make bigger trains.

Skyworld features a fast open space somewhere in the sky where floating islands dominate the horizons. In this chaotic world the player finds himself defending or mainting islands. The Skyworld universe currently contains two games, one is a game where you, as the player, needs to keep an island in balance as they develop civilization. The other game features fast paced strategy action in which the main objective is to conquer the archipelago.

The Island: Balance is a fun little game where the aim is to save the island from toppling over. To accomplish this goal you need to alter the island’s infrastructure. Every structure has a weight and influences the balance of the island. Also by placing balloons you can stall or even prevent the island’s impending doom. Do you have the speed and wits to save The Island?

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The Island: Balance