Written by Rex on 08/01/2014 09:54:29

We aim to develop innovative solutions for educational and presentational issues using serious games, as well as developing consumer games with compelling stories.

Interactive solutions
Most applications offer solutions which are transferred from traditional media like books right onto the screen. This results in a copy of the traditional media instead of an improvement of the principle. Islandworks’goal is to create solutions and develop applications which present and give the user the traditional information using an innovative interface.


  •– in 5 days your own mini serious game.
  • InCourse – create your own interactive presentations or serious games.
  • GameCreator – online game creator.
  • Islandworks Statistics
  • Islandworks Content Management System

Islandworks is capable of creating web applications, desktop applications and mobile applications on Windows, iOs and Android systems.

Islandworks can help you with the development of business game solutions. Designed for your clients and employees to learn, entertain or buy your product/service. Do you need an energetic presentations, an advertising game or an learning game to support the explanation of your products or services? Feel free to contact us.