We offer a platform for interactive, engaging, playful learning experiences

About us

Making games more accessible is our vision. We wish to transform existing methods into more playful and interactive ways. It's how we humans learned most basic skills when we were young. This way humans easier understand and learn.

We specialize in offering services to you to easily create, personalize and adapt existing technologies to create engaging and playful applications and games that can motivate your audience the engage and learn.


We offer a wide range of services related to games. These includes:

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    InCourse Presentations

    Create custom and interactive presentations using a toolset for fluid cameras, images, shapes, animations, text and interactions. Share the presentation and let others watch them live with you.

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    InCourse Game editor

    Transform your courses into informative games for the classroom or other audiences. Craft the game that fits your course the best with just a few clicks. See live analytics and see which students or patients require more attention and shape the games as they progress.

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    InCourse Game generator

    Transform your courses into games by generation them from your course material. Generate personalized experiences for your students or patients. See live analytics and see which students or patients require more attention and shape the games as they progress.

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    InCourse Analytics

    Keep track of your users watching presentations or playing games. See live results, tweak games on the spot and set personalized goals and schedules.

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    InCourse Medical Care

    Use InCourse created games in medical environments for distraction, training or revalidation. Ensure privacy of patients data is secure and offer personalized and scheduled game recipes that can be managed by doctors, coaches and trainers.

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    Game development

    Is creating the games yourself too much? Let us help you build the required game logic behind your ideas. Get advice on how to put them in a reallife environment and more. Feel free to request more information

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Through the years we helped develop projects related to or running on top InCourse. These include:

  • Karman Line

    A gameset to improve brain functionality in patients with brain damage

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  • R4Heal

    A project that motivates and distracts patients in hospital through games.

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  • Hello Yoop

    An app visualized and owned by Yellow Riders which helps children with obesities to get a healthier lifestyle

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